Each year NEAAHP recognizes members for their contributions to the organization with two different awards:

Award for Outstanding Service

This award recognizes a NEAAHP member of at least 10 years who has:

  • Contributed as a leader at the regional level, 
  • Exhibited a steadfast commitment to the improvement and growth of NEAAHP 
  • Served at the National or Regional level as an advocate or liaison with other professional, scientific, public, or humanitarian organizations.

Past Award Winners

2011 – Carol Baffi-Duggan
2012 – Lori Provost
2013 – Connie O’Hara
2014 – Dave Thurlow
2015 – Grace Hershman
2016 – Rhona Beaton
2017 – Tom Langhorne
2018 – Glenn Cummings
2020-Lolita Wood-Hill
2021-Lisa Kooperman

Buck Hill ‘68 Award

This award recognizes a NEAAHP member of at least 10 years who has volunteered significant and arduous effort on behalf of NEAAHP in one (1) or more of the following areas:

  • Ability to bridge gaps and/or build strong partnerships;
  • Commitment to improved access to Advising tools for all members;
  • Commitment to broaden their own knowledge
  • Promoting pride and action within the Health Professions Advising community.

Past Award Winners

2011 – Paul Hines
2012 –  John Friede
2013 – David Verrier
2014 – Jodi Domsky
2015 – Carol Weisse
2016 – Wendy Loughlin
2017 – Julie Chanatry
2018 – Libby Morsheimer
2019 – Kate Fukawa-Connelly
2020 – Kirsten Peterson
2021- Mel Govindan

NAAHP Awards

The Carol Baffi-Dugan Award for Service is a leadership award presented at each NAAHP National Meeting. The award’s namesake is a long-term NAAHP leader who, through her selfless commitment to both her Regional Association and NAAHP, has set an example of dedicated service for all to follow. 

Past NEEAHP Award Winners

  • Connie O’Hara, St. Joe’s College, NEAAHP (’20)
  • Debi Swarner, Dickinson College, NEAAHP (’18)
  • Jodi Domsky, Haverford College, NEAAHP (’16)