Executive Board & Officers

Betsy BrookinsPresident ’22
Betsy Brookins, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
[email protected]
Past-President and NEGSA Liaison ’22
Jan Reichard-Brown, Susquehanna University
[email protected]
Seth RamusPresident-Elect
Seth Ramus, Bowdoin College
[email protected]
Andy SimmonsTreasurer ’23
Andy Simmons, University of Rhode Island
[email protected]
Patti KrekeSecretary ’22
Patti Kreke, Mount St. Mary’s University
[email protected]
Caleb D. MarshCommunications and Technology ’23
Caleb D. Marsh, Temple University
caleb.mars[email protected]
Jason Dantonio Executive Committee ’21 NEAAHP At-Large Rep
(2021 NEAHHP Meeting Co-Planner),
Jason D’Antonio, Carnegie Mellon University
[email protected]
Lisa SchwartzExecutive Committee ’21 NEAAHP At-Large Rep
Lisa Schwartz , George Washington University
[email protected]
Michelle ShermanExecutive Committee ’22 NEAAHP At-Large Rep
Michelle Sherman, Boston University
[email protected]
Mel GovindanExecutive Committee ’22 NEAAHP At-Large Rep
Mel Govindan, Fitchburg State University
[email protected]
Courtney ButlerExecutive Committee ’23 NEAAHP At-Large Rep
Courtney Butler, University of Maryland
[email protected]
Jessica MatzkoExecutive Committee ’23 NEAAHP At-Large Rep
Jessica Matzko, Colby College
[email protected]
Louise RussoNAAHP Representative ’22,
Louise Russo, Villanova University
[email protected]